Site Acquisition

Trillium has built a highly qualified staff of site acquisition and leasing agents that have considerable knowledge in numerous markets and unique relationships with some of the largest property owners and developers in the Western United States. All of our agents are licensed in the state in which they work and are managed by the company’s corporate broker to ensure compliance with all required real estate laws and regulations. In addition, Trillium’s agents are required to maintain their license in good standing at all times and to take additional real estate courses for license renewal and to stay abreast of the constantly changing real estate industry.

In addition to standard site acquisition services, Trillium can also provide its clients with Master Lease Agreement negotiations with national companies and owners of large real estate portfolios. Trillium has a proven track record of successfully representing our clients and providing them access to otherwise unavailable properties such as universities, manufacturing facilities, publically-owned land and government controlled property.


Below are examples of some of the site acquisition services that Trillium can provide its customers:


  • Initial field reconnaissance to identify potential site candidates.

  • Contact with potential landlords to determine willingness to lease or acquire the required property.

  • Site visits with Project Managers, RF Engineers, Land Use Planners, Construction Managers, and others to determine zoning and construction feasibility and whether the site meets the client’s objectives. Site visit will also consider and identify power availability, access, telephone service, existing easements and geographic terrain.

  • Coordinate all site visits, various tests by other vendors, and pre-construction walks with property owners.

  • Order Preliminary Title Report with all supporting documents on selected property.

  • Coordinate with client’s legal counsel to obtain Title Curative.

  • Obtain as-build drawings from landlord, where possible.

  • Negotiate Lease/License Agreement with appropriate parties, obtain NDA, and ensure appropriate access to site for client. Facilitate execution of Lease/License Agreement by landlord and submit to client for execution.

  • Coordinate legal review of all documents with client’s legal counsel to ensure consistency and accuracy.

  • Coordinate Environmental Assessment Phase I Reports, where required.

  • Obtain executed Letter of Authorization from Landlord for jurisdiction application filings.

  • Attend and participate in weekly deployment meetings to discuss project status and to obtain and provide necessary input from the Project team.