Project Management

Trillium has a strong commitment to ensuring our clients success from the smallest project through to the largest regional development projects. Trillium is focused on quality and it permeates our entire business. Our project managers have years of experience dealing with multi-faceted teams and we have developed quality management systems to improve our work, the profitability of our clients and the satisfaction of our clients and employees.

Many of our clients are streamlining their operations while at the same time their projects are becoming more complex. In many cases, it is no longer practical to have in-house experts and project managers. Trillium can provide professional project managers that can manage diversified teams to achieve our clients goals while maintain aggressive timelines and budgets.


Examples of Trillium’s Project Management services include:


  • Utilization of either proprietary or client-based program/project management software for project tracking and reporting.

  • Conduct regular meetings to assess the progress of each project with reporting to the client.

  • Provide problem identification and available solutions to minimize project disruption and increases in costs.

  • Utilization of real-time project data to make adjustments in project target dates and equipment procurement.