Land Use Planning & Entitlements

Trillium’s land use planners and governmental relations experts provide our clients with the highest quality representation and are extremely skilled at negotiating with local government staff, elected officials and community leaders. Our clients can feel safe knowing that they can rely on our knowledge of the governmental approval process and the expertise of our planning and entitlements team. Each team member has substantial experience representing our clients before local, regional and state regulatory bodies and have long-standing relationships with these officials and their staff.

Due to the regulatory and political environment in many areas, it is important for Trillium to work with our clients to develop a comprehensive land use strategy for their projects. The goal of this strategy is to increase the percentage of favorable land use entitlement decisions. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to address a wide range of issues starting with site selection and continuing through the approval process. Trillium can work successfully with the appropriate jurisdiction to arrive at “win-win” solutions for our clients and the communities in which they are building.


Trillium can provide the following land use planning services to its clients:


  • Attend initial site visit with site acquisition agent to determine zoning feasibility of potential sites.

  • Address jurisdictional issues pertinent to each site, permitting process and timelines, regulations and any identifiable neighborhood restrictions and or constraints.

  • Coordination with client architect in development of necessary submittal drawings, photo simulations and renderings as required.

  • Initiate land use permit process and compile all information for application submittal to appropriate jurisdiction.

  • Coordination and interface with planning staff, as required.

  • Representation of client at all hearings, city council meetings, and community meetings.

  • Preparation of necessary documentation and materials to facilitate the approval of the proposed project.

  • Coordinate the compliance with project conditions of approval.

  • Preparation of documentation for filing with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

  • Preparation of documentation for compliance with CEQA, NEPA, SHPO, Coastal Act, Clean Water Act and other state and federal regulations.

  • Attend and participate in weekly deployment meetings to discuss project status and to obtain and provide necessary input from the project team.