Construction Management

Trillium has a team of construction managers that can provide our clients with a range of services to suit their specific needs. Many of our clients are finding that it is beneficial to out-source some of their operations rather than have this expertise in-house. Trillium’s construction managers have experience in all aspects of construction ranging from cost estimating to on-site inspection/management and can provide these services by augmenting existing staff or by managing the entire construction process from our offices.


Examples of the construction management services Trillium can provide its clients:


  • Attend initial site visit with site acquisition agent and other team members to determine construction feasibility of potential sites.

  • Address jurisdictional issues pertinent to each site, permitting process and timelines, regulations and any other identifiable restrictions and or constraints.

  • Coordination with client architect in development of necessary submittal drawings, photo simulations and renderings as required.

  • Initiate building permit process and compile all information for application submittal to appropriate jurisdiction.

  • Coordination and interface with building staff, as required.

  • Coordination of utilities (power, telco, water, etc.) from local utility providers for the project

  • Preparation of necessary bid documentation and materials.

  • Conduct bid walks, review of submitted bids, and coordinate with client on award of contracts.

  • Assist the client with all change orders and with claims management.

  • Coordination of materials bidding and contract awards.

  • Inspection and documentation of all labor, material, equipment, safety conditions and general conditions on the property throughout project.

  • Attend and participate in weekly deployment meetings to discuss project status and to obtain and provide necessary input from the project team.