• Solutions in the world of
    wireless telecommunication
  • 40 years combined experience
  • Real estate and land use planning
  • Site management & leasing
Company Overview

Trillium Telecom Services, LLC and Trillium Consulting, Inc. (“Trillium”) were created in 2001 to provide unique approaches to the challenging business conditions facing our clients in the real estate, technology and wireless telecommunications industries. Trillium specializes in providing professional real estate and project management services including program/project management, lease representation and negotiation, land use planning, governmental relations, permit expediting, and construction management. Trillium’s founders, Scott Longhurst and Flo Mead, have over 50 years of combined experience in the development of wireless telecommunications networks, real estate development, property management, land use planning, and governmental relations.

Development projects, whether they are large, regional development projects or small in-fill projects, must come online quickly to reduce costs and meet project goals. However, there are many variables such as environmental constraints, entitlement and permitting hurdles, and design and construction changes that can cause unforeseen delays. With years of development experience, Trillium understands our clients business and you can rely on us to provide solutions to these issues and deliver high-quality consulting services without any surprises.

Trillium is comprised of dedicated professionals that have extensive experience in their individual fields of expertise as well as in the specific markets in which they work. Our highly knowledgeable and capable staff work in multi-disciplinary teams in order to maximize our clients’ returns and meet their long term-needs and goals. Our staff is augmented by proprietary internal computer programs and models along with proven project controls to ensure that the projects we undertake are completed on-time and within the allocated budget.